T Airline Splitters

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  • Split One Line Into Two
  • Connect Multiple For Additional Splits
  • Plastic Construction

Tee Airline splitters are often to split one airline into two. If you want to run a second airstone or decoration in your aquarium but only have one pump. Also you can use this to split air off from the main aquarium to a second aquarium like a quarantine aquarium. 

Customer Reviews

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Kiley B. (Crossville, TN, US)
Easy to use

Easy to use and works well with my Aquarium Co-Op air lines and pumps.

Kirsten (Florence, MA, US)
Splits one hose into two!

About as simple as it gets, folks. If you have a small tube delivering a gaseous substance, say regular air to an aquarium, and you instead want to send the gas to two locations, this is the ticket! But seriously, I appreciate how aquarium co-op provides high quality equipment at affordable prices for hobbyists and professionals alike, and with very brisk shipping. They clearly love aquariums and I'm proud to give them my business.

Eric W. (Albany, NY, US)
Quali- Ts

They’re really good

R (Providence, RI, US)
Just as described

Great stuff 👍🏻

Mike S. (Saint Charles, MO, US)
They work as expected, but the real value is in the company's business model and philosophy!

What can I say... They're T-fittings, they work as expected, but the real value is found in the Aquarium Co-op's business model and philosophy. Offer value to your customer's at a fair price, with exceptional customer service and you will succeed. Aquarium Co-op's business model should be studied in every American academic institution. Quality products + fair price + great support = win win success. It really is as simple as that!