Fritz Slime Out

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  • Eliminates Cyanobacteria
  • Safe for Fish, Plants and Invertebrates
  • Fast Results

Quickly and easily eliminate unsightly cyanobacteria in your aquarium with Fritz Slime Out. It is highly effective against common cyanobacteria strains and will not harm plants, fish or invertebrates. Results may be noticed in as little as one treatment of Slime Out, while more severe outbreaks may require multiple doses.

This product does not impact biological filtration. We recommend using an air stone in the aquarium when treating with Slime Out.

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Jose C. (Brentwood, CA, US)
Surprisingly It worked as Advertised

I was skeptical, but I followed directions and did two separate doses with a water change in between. It woked.

VoidMalign (Seattle, WA, US)
Gets the slime out!

1 dose is all it took to kill off my blue-green algae

Wendy E. (Leander, TX, US)

I kept having outbreaks of green cyanobacteria and nothing worked until trying the Fritz slime out. One treatment killed all of the cyanobacteria and did not harm anything else. And it has not come back. Highly recommended.

Lisa S. (Menlo Park, CA, US)
Worked as advertised!

One dose and a water change, and all the slime is gone.

Mark P. (Longview, WA, US)
Stuff works a charm!

Had a breakout of cyanide and spend hours cleaning everything. Dose the tank water change 48 hours later. Waited another 48 and dosed it again. Really like that it did the job!