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  • Less Mess From Water Changes
  • Ultra-Durable Construction
  • Very Easy to Install and Operate

Upgrade your water change process and make filling up your tank even easier with the Python Hook. This convenient hose hook attaches to the end of your tubing or hose and hooks over the side of your aquarium so you can have total peace of mind while it fills up. Never worry about your hose slipping out of your tank again. Will fit a 3/4" garden hose connection.

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
brenna e. (Lowell, IN, US)
I'm hooked on Python Hook!!

This is a total game changer for me! I have 20 tanks that I manually siphon and refill. No more standing at each tank holding the hose! I don't use the Python system to change and fill my tanks, I just have the Hook to refill them and now that I've tried it, I'll never go back to the spray nozzle on the hose!

Steven D. (Flowery Branch, GA, US)
Super handy, and quite sturdy as well

I used to put the end of my hose with the gravel vacuum in the tank, and close the lid to keep it closed. This hook has made it so much easier to fill up my tanks, and I can be confident that it won’t fall out

Paul e. (Newport News, VA, US)

Python Hook

John K. (Indianapolis, IN, US)
Live Saver

This product made my water change so much easier. A must have for your Python system.

Bamboo D. (Gainesville, FL, US)
Does what it needs to do...

You know the drill: You're emptying or filling a tank .... and you have one end wedged in to hold the suction ...until it doesn't. We've all been there. This simple device prevents that once and for all. Fits a standard garden hose, and most aquariums have an opening somewhere it will fit nicely. I have an extension rigged down to the level I want to change so the siphon will cut off there if I get distracted. To fill, just reverse the process. Can't get much easier! Yeah, it's just a piece of plastic ... but it's the piece of plastic shaped the way you need it. Trust me; after over 50 years of aquarium keeping, and rigging countless versions of exactly this ... that all last oh, a while I guess, until they don't .... it's nice to finally have something purpose made to do the job right.