Easy Green All-in-One Fertilizer

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  • Beginner-friendly fertilizer for great plant growth
  • Easy-to-use dispenser for quick dosing
  • Safe for fish, shrimp, and snails

If you only get one fertilizer for your aquarium plants, then Easy Green is the one you want. As our #1 best-selling product, this all-in-one liquid fertilizer contains all the essential nutrients your aquatic plants need to thrive so that you don’t have to figure it out yourself. Check out the thousands of 5-star customer reviews below and see the incredible results that people have gotten because Easy Green is:

1.   Easy to use, without having to measure out a ton of different supplements
2.   Way more potent than the leading competitors 
3.   Reasonably priced, because a little goes a long way

Easy Dosing System

Maximize Your Plant Growth

Fish, Shrimp, and Snail Safe!

Build the Easy Planted Aquarium

Customer Reviews

Based on 5051 reviews
Kevin B. (Patterson, NY, US)
Great Stuff!!

My plants are growing like weeds and my Rabbit Snails are alive and well - easy to use, too!

Jon R. (Marysville, CA, US)
Best of 4

I have used 4 brands of all-in-one fertilizers, and for my water chemistry and my plants, this product works best. I have been using easy green for about 2 years now with good effect. I need loads of potassium, and this product had the highest amount. I was reusing the bottle to dose extra potassium from a different manufacturer, but now that the coop has potassium (in a higher concentration than the brand I was using) I have started using the coop brand on that as well

Michael V. (Urbandale, IA, US)
Works great!

I had not tried using a fertilizer before but saw faster growth and healthier plants once I started using it.

Rich L. (Chelmsford, MA, US)
Easy Green Fertilizer

This stuff is the real deal. I've tried so many fertilizers in my planted tanks and they worked but not like this. I put this in my 2 tanks and came back later in the day and to my surprise all my plants were standing up and looked fuller. Easy green has really made a difference.

Gianna M. (Cassville, NJ, US)
Awesome stuff!!

This fertilizer is great! I have a brown algae problem in my tank and this has seemed to calm it down! Fast delivery, and it even came with a fun sticker.