Nano Tank Hang on Back Filter

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  • Adjustable flow control knob 
  • Excellent for small aquariums under 10 gallons
  • Great betta tank filter

This nano hang-on-back filter is excellent for aquariums up to 10 gallons. It moves 52 gallons per hour and has an adjustable flow knob for fish who need lower flow such as bettas. It comes fully equipped with media and an intake sponge. However, upgrading to our mini pre filter sponge is ideal as it offers greater coverage of the intake tube with less clogging from debris. Hot rod this filter by adding coarse sponge to the media portion rather than the provided cartridges.

Customer Reviews

Based on 120 reviews
Ryan (Metairie, LA, US)
Whisper Quiet

I have a 6 gallon cube that this worked perfect on. Super quiet. Looks great and customizable. I hot rodded it by using the Co-op course filter pad.

T.P. (Saint Cloud, MN, US)

I love this filter (I have a couple) and how easy it is to customize. Cleaning is easy with a little brush for the intake tubes. I got rid of the cartridges and replaced with a block of coarse sponge as well as well as an additional foam pad. As long as it's full of water, it's a quiet as they come.

Kelly W. (Lakeville, MA, US)

This little filter works great in my 6g planted betta cube. I love that I can take it almost completely apart to clean it with a little bottle brush. I replaced the cartridge with coarse sponges and a handful of bio rings. Very quiet if the water level is topped off. Mr. Nakatomi is happy.

Sabrina V. (Hockessin, DE, US)
Perfect for betta, nice and quiet!

I'm new to fish keeping and wanted something easy and safe for my first tank. After doing some research, I found aquarium co-ops videos and decided to order this filter(and the upgraded sponges). Works great in my 5.5 gallon, though for my betta I had to put the flow to the least it could be. Overall though, it's pretty quiet by my standards, and it's a great filter!

Virginia M. (Des Moines, IA, US)
Wonderful filter!

I received this sponge filter today and it’s running quietly! I’m 79 and live alone and recently bough a beta fish and all the accessories required. I’ve always wanted a sponge filter for my 5 gallon tank, and the instructions were simple enough that I could get this installed own! I consider that a miracle!
I wanted a planted aquarium and I have been ordering all of my plants from aquarium coop.
I had ordered a filter from a large company in China. It came without instructions and it was very confusing. I immediately returned it!
Aquarium Co-op is wonderful!