Hikari Wheat Germ

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  • Enhances Growth and Form
  • Ideal Colder Temperature Food For Koi
  • Easy For Fish to Digest

Hikari Wheat Germ is a classic staple food if you keep koi fish. It contains highly nutritious ingredients and promotes good growth and form. Suitable for baby and adult koi. Especially effective if you live where it gets cold for the winter, wheat germ is the first and last food to be feeding your koi each season. It's easily digestible so that when the temperature drops, the food isn't remaining in the fish's digestive system. This food is in the form of a floating pellet, 4.0-5.5 mm.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Thomas T. (San Jose, CA, US)
Great food for Grindal Worms & winter feeding medaka

both my grindal worm cultures as well as medaka outside during the winter enjoy this food. normally feed it crushed

Nicole S. (Freedom, PA, US)

My koi and goldfish love this food. Even seen a bullfrog gobble some up the other day!! Great food to have!

Denis W. (Port Townsend, WA, US)
Koi seem to like it!

Just the right size for my medium sized koi and goldfish. They continue to look healthy with pellets are their main diet along with plant material.

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Jason S.
Great Koi Chow

My wifes Koi Chow down on Hikari wheat germ pellets! They Love it!

Charles F. (Middletown, CT, US)
Why buy at the Coop.

You should be feeding this food first thing in the spring and last in the fall. Period. But I buy it here because the minipellets are impossible to find especially during pond season. They have the right size in stock for my thriving pond.