Aquarium Solutions Ich - X

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  • Treats Ich Effectively
  • Plant Safe
  • Invertebrate Safe

This is what we use here at the store and at Cory's fish room to treat every fish we come into contact with. For us we've never had problems using it with inverts, scaleless fish, and plants. Great for treating Ich, as well as mild fungal infections. We recommend using an airstone in the aquarium when treating with Ich - X.

Commonly used to treat:

  • Ich (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis)
  • Velvet (Gold Dust Disease)
  • Saproleniasis (Cotton Wool Disease)
  • Trichondiniasis 
  • Fungal Issues
  • Protozoan Caused Diseases 

Customer Reviews

Based on 526 reviews
DShib (Othello, WA, US)
Worked tbh

I had bad ich on my tetras someone online said to get ich x which i got but it would of arrived in 3 days but me being impatience i added salt then later i emailed them about the ich and what should i do while i wait they said to either wait or salt method for now but not the same time but later on i got the ich x and used it worked wonders for 3 days the ich was gone and no more

Jorge G.I. (Washington, DC, US)

Works great. Best ick remedy

Mark W. (Galloway, OH, US)

Production information on line, Safe with all systems and live stock, Easy to purchase, affordable fast delivery. Best of all ICH-X works

Christina F. (Elgin, IL, US)
Saved my fish !

After only having 1 fish in my aquarium for some time, I decided to add 3 Tetras. They looked okay at the petshop, but the next morning I saw all 3 had Ich. Two of the fish died in less than a few hours. The only survivor had about 5 spots, but his color was very good. My algeae eater never showed any signs of Ich during this whole process. Either way, I knew I had to act fast. I ordered ICH-X, and it arrived in 2 days. I treated the tank, every 24 hrs, following a ⅓ water change. Within 4 days, the ich is gone, and my algea eater and Tetra both look great. I will treat for 1 or 2 more days, to treat anything that may be floating in the water.
Great product, fast delivery, saved my fish.

James P. (Culver City, CA, US)
Worked perfetly

Worked perfetly