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  • Eliminates Cyanobacteria
  • Safe for Fish, Plants and Invertebrates
  • Fast Results

Quickly and easily eliminate unsightly cyanobacteria in your aquarium with Fritz Slime Out. It is highly effective against common cyanobacteria strains and will not harm plants, fish or invertebrates. Results may be noticed in as little as one treatment of Slime Out, while more severe outbreaks may require multiple doses.

This product does not impact biological filtration. We recommend using an airstone in the aquarium when treating with Slime Out.

Directions on the package:

  1. Add one packet of Slime Out per 25 gallons of water (94.5 L).
  2. Perform a 25% water change after 48 hours.
  3. Repeat treatment as necessary. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
KB (Atlanta, GA, US)
Worked well

Since my tank is only 10 gallons I had to use roughly half a dose. At the 48 hour mark there was still some cyanobacteria, but it was declining. It might have taken a week to clear it all, but the tank did become cyano-free in appearance. Fish, shrimp and snails were fine. Glad I bought it.

Jonah E. (New Orleans, LA, US)
Quick and safe results

Had a 10 gallon tank with betta, shrimp, tetras, snails, corydoras and A LOT of blue slime. Started seeing results after 2 treatments (48 hours each) and cleared up completely after 4 treatments. The tank has never been so clean. Totally safe with all the critters in the tank and the live plants.

Emma P. (Charlotte, NC, US)
Worked great on blue-green cyanobacteria!

I had to treat three times to fully clear up the outbreak but this worked like a charm. I used it in a shrimp-only tank with neocaridinas and it didn't bother them at all. It seems like it's not doing anything at first but trust the process.

Gabe R. (Seattle, WA, US)
It works

I had a very bad case of blue-green algae, I was struggling with it for a while until I decided to buy this. I saw results after first treatment, but a second treatment got rid of a the algae completely. My aquarium looks like I never had a outbreak of blue-green algae, I really recommend this.

Kimberly P. (Cranston, RI, US)
Worked Great!

I had blue/green algae taking over my 20 gallon pea puffer tank. Cleared it up with one dose!