Fritz Zyme 7 Live Bacteria (Freshwater)

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  • Quickly establishes beneficial bacteria in new aquariums and speeds up the aquarium cycling process
  • Helps prevent fish loss
  • Fortifies beneficial bacteria in established aquariums

Fritz Zyme 7 is live bacteria in a bottle. Adding it to your aquarium will help increase the beneficial bacteria count. In a new aquarium this helps in establishing the bacteria that breaks down fish waste, meaning you can add fish to your new aquarium sooner. In an established aquarium, it helps if you are adding additional fish or increasing the amount of food that you are feeding.

Do you already have an established aquarium? Fritz Zyme 7 can be helpful when adding new fish or livestock to your aquarium. Fritz Zyme 7 will also help rebuild the beneficial bacteria population after a power outage, after you have done a deep cleaning (where beneficial bacteria can be disrupted during the cleaning process), and after you have changed filter cartridges or filters. Fritz Zyme 7 can also be used after you have changed water and finished medicating an aquarium to help reestablish beneficial bacteria.

Customer Reviews

Based on 287 reviews
Laura M. (Collegeville, PA, US)

Pleasantly surprised that after shaking the bottle and pouring it into a measuring cup, there was a hint of red. That made me feel confident this did indeed contain live bacteria. Used it in a new aquarium and safely moved my Oranda Goldfish into their new home.

Sandrine E. (Hinesville, GA, US)
Awesome product

I added 40 neocaridina shrimp in my new tank and I also added a sponge filter that has been seasoned for few months with snails and I got my new tank cycled in few days using Fritz zyme. I have use to cycle brand new betta tank in the past and I was like what 😮already cycled in few days ? I thought I would have to wait way longer like a month. It is really good stuff, but please just don’t go crazy and heavy on feeding your tank at first give it time to build up the nitrifying bacteria.

Scott B. (Leavenworth, KS, US)
Good product

I like this product

Justin W. (Maple Valley, WA, US)
Great stuff!

I have used this in 3 tank setups so far and have had no issues. Helps boost the cycle during setup and adds additional benefits when performing maintenance on existing tanks.

Eric M. (Greenville, PA, US)
Fritz zyme 7

Great product for starting a new tank or adding live bacteria to a newer or struggling tank.