Seachem Equilibrium

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  • Great For Planted and Livebearer Aquariums
  • Restores GH in Mineral Deficient Water
  • Does Not Contain Sodium Chloride/Salt

Equilibrium is a mineral supplement designed to have the ideal mineral balance for the aquarium. It is best used for reverse osmosis water or any water lacking minerals. Water with little dissolved mineral content (low GH) is subject to pH swings which can harm fish and plants. Using Equilibrium to raise the mineral content in your aquarium will ensure your pH remains more constant. Excellent for planted tanks or livebearer aquariums. Test the hardness of your water with the Aquarium Co-Op Multi-Test Strips.

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Samuel P. (Portland, OR, US)
Must-have in soft water

I live in Portland and my tap water runs between 0 and 1 degrees GH, so being able to just throw a little of this in to raise it to a more stable 3-4 is great! Just make sure to stir it before adding the new water to your tank or you will end up with little undissolved grains.

David M. (Seattle, WA, US)
Does what it says

I purchased to increase water hardness and that it does indeed do. Unfortunately, I do have to does more when I do a water change, but I guess that is the cost of maintaining an aquarium.

Nanette S. (Tacoma, WA, US)
Very effective

It works just as described. It has helped my snails and my breeding fish projects.

Susan M. (Worcester, VT, US)

Our plants and snail seems happier already!

Andrew M. (Grovetown, GA, US)
Works great

It really helped especially with my snails and shrimp, and I’ve always loved seachems products