Seachem Equilibrium

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  • Great For Planted and Livebearer Aquariums
  • Restores GH in Mineral Deficient Water
  • Does Not Contain Sodium Chloride/Salt

Equilibrium is a mineral supplement designed to have the ideal mineral balance for the aquarium. It is best used for reverse osmosis water or any water lacking minerals. Water with little dissolved mineral content (low GH) is subject to pH swings which can harm fish and plants. Using Equilibrium to raise the mineral content in your aquarium will ensure your pH remains more constant. Excellent for planted tanks or livebearer aquariums. Test the hardness of your water with the GH and KH Test Kit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Eimear C. (Hillsboro, OR, US)
Seachem equilibrium

Seems to be working well, 2 tablespoons raised the gh by 5 degrees in my 40 gallon tank.

JB (Sanford, ME, US)
Seachem Equilibrium is Unmatched

I use Seachem Equilibrium with every water change. Fantastic product! Aquarium Co-op has fast shipping, competitive prices, and excellent customer service!

Logan H. (Sunbury, PA, US)
Another great product

I can’t say enough about this equilibrium. I have a ton of probs with the tap water. This is just one tool that helps me with that. 100% works as described an intended. Not to mention a great price for volume!

Elizabeth B. (Moravia, NY, US)

Coming from ACO I know it is a great product at a great price. My RO water is hollow, but Equilibrium adds back in everything the fish and plants need to grow and live well. I use it in every water change.

Elizabeth B. (Moravia, NY, US)
equilibrium plus RO water makes for fish happy

I am confident the if ACO carries SeaChem Equilibrium, then it has to be a great product at a good price. RO water is just empty space in an aquarium.Equilibrium turns RO water in to a place where fish and plants can thrive.