API GH & KH Test Kit Combo

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  • Measures Dissolved Minerals in Water
  • Quickly and Accurately Reads GH and KH Levels
  • Easy to Read Instructions

The API GH and KH test kit tests the levels of carbonate hardness and general hardness in the aquarium. KH or carbonate hardness in high enough levels prevents pH from changing rapidly and maintains a healthy system. GH or general hardness is a measurement of how many dissolved minerals are present in your water. Depending on the fish being kept would determine how much hardness should be present in the water. Guppies, Mollies, Platies, Swordtails, Goldfish, African Cichlids and more like high mineral content as it matches their natural habitat. Ensure proper levels of both KH and GH in your aquarium with this test kit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Randy P. (Tyler, TX, US)
Great online store!

I have learned a lot from their youtube videos about aquaculture. I appreciate this resource! This particular product is helpful to understand my aquarium's needs.

Kimberly C. (Somerville, MA, US)
Works well

The water in the Boston area is very soft (1-2 dGH) which I used this kit to confirm. Also, my PH kept decreasing from 7 to almost 6 over several months of setting up the tank. I added crushed coral, which took a while, to increase the KH. Now, the PH is stable around 6.8-7.0 For the hardness, I sometimes add wonder shells to increase the GH. I monitor these parameters using this kit to determine when to take action.

Joshua G. (Los Angeles, CA, US)
A bit more precise

I prefer the API drop tests for GH and KH, because they feel more precise than colorimetric test strips. Having a good feel for water chemistry gives me some peace of mind in choosing livestock – especially freshwater shrimp.

Ivy A.
Easy to use

This test kit is easy to use and really helps to see what’s going on with your water perimeters

Cassy A. (Seattle, WA, US)
Better than test strips!

Picked these up because I have a hard time deciphering the colors for gh/kh on test strips. Just like I hoped, I can actually tell what hardness my water is now!