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Fast Shipping Policy

Hands down, we have the fastest handling time and ship quick.

We overstaff so that your orders go out as fast as possible. If you order during business hours, we often ship it the same day. This means packages get to you in 1-3 days if there are no delays from weather, holidays (although we have it worked out where we still get to ship most holidays), etc.

Most other companies use the slowest option for shipping, which saves them money on shipping, but who likes waiting for their products? We certainly don't and don't expect you to either, so we pride ourselves in reducing time between you placing an order and it getting to your door.

Aquarium Co-Op Warehouse

Live Arrival Guarantee

We guarantee our live products will arrive alive. We ask that you do your part and minimize the amount of time our packages sit out in the elements. It can also be a good idea to avoid ordering live items during extreme temperatures. This would be when night time temps are below 35°F and over 80°F during the day. Now these temperatures are not for sure death; it's just what makes it easiest for all of us during shipping.

When temperatures are cold we will use heat packs. Shipping live goods is difficult as our warehouse could be 70°F and your home could be snowing, and all the stops in between. We do our best and will make it right for you and may request to try again at a different time.  During heat waves, it's best to avoid ordering live goods as ice packs etc don't do enough to mitigate it.

Aquarium Co-Op Warehouse

Special Delivery Instructions

Our system isn't setup to take special delivery instructions such as "hold for pick up", "leave at back door" etc. We have many people working in the chain to pack your orders and get them out to you as fast as possible and the special instructions don't carry down the line unfortunately.

Aquarium Co-Op Warehouse

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