Aquarium Co-Op Apisto Cave

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  • Great for Spawning Fish
  • Provides Shelter
  • Made of Natural Materials

The Apistogramma cave is a small terracotta cave with a hole on one side. They are designed for spawning Apistogramma species as well as other dwarf cichlids. Kuhli loaches, shrimp, small plecos and more will also find valuable shelter in this cave. 

The cave itself is made out of natural terracotta clay and is safe for all animals. It is designed to hold up well over time. It has a flat top for easy stacking or to fit nicely within rock structures in your aquarium.

Customer Reviews

Based on 149 reviews
Uriel C. (Louisville, KY, US)

My first time ordering from Aquarium Co-Op, the item came fast and wasn't damaged to my surprise. My apistogramma pair loved their cave so much they surprised me with fry seven days later. Such a wonderful experience from Aquarium Co-Op especially during the winter.

Kurtis S. (Sarasota, FL, US)

I haven't used them for apistos, they're in a couple 10s where I raise baby bushynose... They're too big for adult bushynose, but my little babies seem to like em during the daytime... Maybe soon I'll get some apistos, after all, I just brought home 87 more tanks recently, 50+ currently running... Final judgement: they're great quality and serve many purposes...!

Deena (Salt Lake City, UT, US)
Fish love their new home

I have a fish who loves his new home. The apisto-cave is well made. I have ordered two more.

Zachary P. (Memphis, TN, US)
Quality and Affordable

My apistos immediately took to this cave over everything else in the tank.

Michael E. (Churchville, MD, US)
Surprisingly Good

It took about 7 seconds for my apistogramma agassizi to claim. This is day-1, and I look forward to seeing how they may use it for breeding. As a home, they only way it could have been adopted more quickly is if they entered before it hit the bottom of the tank!