Aquarium Co-Op Ammonia Test Strips

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  • Results in 30 Seconds
  • Available in Two Sizes: 25 and 100 Tests
  • Laminated Comparison Card

Remove all doubt by testing your aquarium water for ammonia with the Ammonia Test Strips developed by Aquarium Co-Op. The test is easy to use and the results can be read in just 30 seconds, so you can test frequently to ensure the health of your aquarium over time. 

The provided color chart helps you better understand your readings at a glance by suggesting safe levels and what to do if there is too much ammonia present in the water. We created these to make your life easier and save you money when it comes to testing your water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 230 reviews
Andrew B. (Seattle, WA, US)
Easy to use

These strips are very simple to use. I wish I would have bought them a year ago when I first cycled my nano aquarium. It's great to see I have no ammonia ever now, and have a fully cycled and established nano aquarium. I'll definitely be using these when I get my new 30 gallon aquarium set up. I had a lot of problems keeping fish alive and keeping algae down for around 6 months, but aquarium co-op has helped me every step of the way, and now my tiny aquarium is flourishing (albeit now over stocked and over planted hence the new 30 gallon). I love aquarium co-op, and will always support their products!

E.M. (Houston, TX, US)
Great product 👍


Caroline D.C. (Breinigsville, PA, US)
Easy to Use Testing!

These test strips are extremely simple use and give quick results. I like not having to use two bottles of test chemicals to complete one test and I also like not having to set a timer while I wait for a result. I have 3 tanks now, so having a product that makes testing simple is a win. I will definitely buy these again.

John L. (Milford, OH, US)
aquarium water ammonia test strip

Strips work well and easy to use. Very cost-effective. Results are easy to read

ProbsJustin (Dearborn Heights, MI, US)
Seems like a good product thus far.

It's hard to have a real comparison in such a short time frame but they seem pretty constant with my API master test kit but less effort (with 6+ tanks) far less time consuming. I do these every few weeks or if somerhing seems off - but still follow up with my master kit, for what it's worth