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Easy Iron
Mr B.C. (Wynantskill, NY, US)
Easy Iron

All i can say is it works, you can see the difference between the tanks I use it in and the tanks I don't

And then the lights went out...

I bought this pump primarily for the built in battery back up. I do not have many aquariums, so this pump is an economical way to insure aeration in my tanks during a power outage. And, I can assure you, it worked.

"Windelov" Java Fern
Jason K. (Sterling Heights, MI, US)

"Windelov" Java Fern

Easy Green All-in-One Fertilizer
Isaac.L (Cedar Rapids, IA, US)
Works Great

Was a big help in getting my water sprite and red root floaters to take off.

Aquarium Co-Op Shrimp Cave
Dylan M. (Columbus, OH, US)
Skrimp Cave

Them there skrimps love to be skrimping and hanging in the love tunnel.

Kasa WiFi Light Timer
Cole Z. (Sioux City, IA, US)
Worth every penny

I’ve bought more of them to control other lights in my house.

Sponge Pad Coarse
Gary (Renton, WA, US)
Great sponge

Work well for clarifying the water

Aquarium Co-Op Coarse Sponge Filter
David o.T.T. (Lake Villa, IL, US)

You guys rock fast shipping accurate description, and great products. I love what you’ve done with aquarium co-op keep it up.

Enjoy Nature Daily T-Shirt
Leah C. (New Palestine, IN, US)
Love it!

Great quality piece of merch!

Aquarium Co-Op Freeze Dried Tubifex Worms
Thomas N. (Windsor Mill, MD, US)
Fish love i it

Fish love this food. Sometimes it doesn’t stay on glass esp width larger fish with bigger mouths.

CO2 Stainless Steel Check Valve
Johnathan R. (Brooklyn, NY, US)


Dwarf Hairgrass
Daniel K. (Lake in the Hills, IL, US)
Dwarf Hairgrass

Dwarf hairgrass was packaged very nice and was in great condition when received. This grass looks great and my fish and shrimp are enjoying it.

Xtreme Nano Pellets
steven a. (South Dennis, MA, US)
Nano pellets.

Goog food for color.

USB Nano Air Pump
Chad D. (Augusta, GA, US)
USB Nano Air

I have purchased 4 all together. Very powerful little air pump. Highly recommend for any size tank.

Easy Planter
Amanda T. (Lindstrom, MN, US)
Fantastic product!!

I must have at least 20 Easy Planters! I LOVE this product!!

Airline Holders
Denis M. (Great Falls, MT, US)
Great items

Everything I got came in. Plants well protected.

Bucephalandra "Green Wavy"
Haley M. (Phoenix, AZ, US)
Bucephalandra "green wavy"

I don't have a green thumb when it comes to aquarium plants but this plant is hardy and easy to care for its a slow grower but definitely worthwhile it looks amazing and everyone wants to know what it is. I'm still hoping to see if it will bloom a flower but you have to wait for that time of year. I highly recommend it you can put them anywhere just don't cover the rhizome and they also do good when you put just the roots in the soil

Pre Filter Sponge
Robert W. (Chicago, IL, US)
Great prefilter

I’m using them in two tanks and very pleased with them. My water is very clear. In my larger tank it blends in the background well

Air Pump

I love this product, I will be using this when I get fish out of my local lakes, the built in battery back up is a great feature!

Aquarium Co-Op Air Pump with Battery Backup

Aquarium Co-Op Freeze Dried Tubifex Worms
Leo M. (Grandview, WA, US)
Great product

All of my fish love this food. Especially the corys.

Banana Plant
Tasnim O. (Berwick, ME, US)
Banana leaf

This is a very good addition to my aquarium. It’s thriving! Happy to buy it!

Pre Filter Sponge
David W. (Portland, OR, US)

These are a must for the fish enthusiast with one or multiple tanks. They function as advertised in that they trap the vast majority of gunk that's going to otherwise clog up your filter. I found that with my fahaka puffer I need to clean the pre-filter about once every two weeks to maintain optimal flow for the canister that cleans his water.

Crushed Coral 1 Pound
Kathleen B. (Edmonds, WA, US)

My fish, Moe, really likes the coral.

Marimo Moss Ball
Cindy C. (Johnstown, PA, US)
Marimo moss ball

I ordered this for my 10 gallon freshwater aquarium. When I received the moss ball it was in excellent condition. Since I have had it in my aquarium it still maintains its excellent condition