Fritz Clarifier 16oz

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  • Quickly Clears Cloudy Water
  • Safe For All Fish, Plants and Invertebrates
  • Improves Filter Efficiency

Fritz Clarifier is best suited for use on cloudy or hazy aquarium water where filtration alone isn't enough to clear it. The clarifier works by pulling together the free floating particles in the water which are causing the cloudiness and, therefore, allowing them to settle on the bottom or get picked up by your filter. We recommend waiting at least 24 hours between doses and doing a partial water change in between dosing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Misty M.L. (Des Plaines, IL, US)
Fast and actually ordering/shipping

I have had a great experience with this company. I have learned so much from Cory flvideos and felt very safe buying online from him. I love this clearifier and the sponge filters I got from him!

Mike I. (Columbus, OH, US)
Turtle Tank

I’m not a big fan of putting stuff in your tank to fix all your problems. I use this just for the turtle tank when I need it to look good between water changes (guests coming by, whatever). It works well.

Jenny (Mapleton, IL, US)
My Go-To Clarifier

After trying a few other clarifiers, I'm sticking with this one! It works pretty quickly to capture particles floating in the water to make them heavy enough to sink.

Kayla R. (New Philadelphia, OH, US)

This stuff is amazing and cleared up my cloudy tank in 2 days. Absolutely love it.

Merri (Davenport, IA, US)
I was so frustrated! THIS worked!

I had a new 37 gallon tank. I cycled it, fully checking the parameters, but could not get rid of a faint haze. I was told it was from over-feeding, I stopped feeding so much. I was told it was from an ammonia spike, but parameters were fine. I was told to do more frequent water changes, I did. I even removed a lot of the stones and rock from the tank, so that I could make sure I was doing a better job of syphoning. I tried two products from the local chain store. Neither worked at clarifying. I read that there was filter media that would help, but *sigh* not so much! My last ditch effort before completely starting over was this product. I put it in before going to work, and when I came home 8 hours later, the tank was so clear I could see details in the background! It is like having a brand new pair of glasses!