Red Flame Sword

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  • Easy Care
  • Large Size
  • Colorful Leaves

Red Flame Sword is a very easy to grow, yet very impactful aquarium plant. It can have green, red or bronze colored leaves which feature an interesting and eye-catching spotted pattern. At least medium lighting would be ideal for this plant to thrive.

Red flame sword plants can get quite large if left untrimmed and therefore look impressive as a background plant in larger aquariums or even a center piece plant in nano tanks. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 236 reviews
Abby K. (Minnetonka, MN, US)
Beautiful plant, great quality.

Arrived quickly and shipped carefully. No melt so far !

Kyle N. (Paoli, IN, US)

Been in the hobby for 14 years and never bought from here because it was always a few bucks more. I regret not buying from here sooner. You get more than what you pay for. Every plant I ordered on this order was larger than you get anywhere else and so much healthier. Definitely worth it. I was blown away by the packaging alone, it was insanely well done. THIS is the plant place. Buying from anywhere else just feels like a sham now that I've experienced this level of professionalism and care. They shipped my plants better than any fish order I've gotten. This hobby, most of the time, is you get what you pay for. If you don't have the few extra bucks to spend on one of their plants, wait and save money because they are worth every penny. Yes you can get cheap plants on Amazon, but it's far from the same. I ordered a Lilly bulb too and of the 5 I've tried in my life it's the only one to ever bloom. All the plants arrived HUGE and in good shape. Honestly barely even got crypt melt from my crypts before they "converted". Really didn't feel like a convert time. Couple leaves melted then I got new growth. Will never buy plants anywhere else again and I suggest you do yourself a favor and do the same

Maxamillion M. (Santa Ana, CA, US)

Red Flame Sword

Terry (Marshall, MN, US)
Beautiful plant

Very large plant, great colors. I was able to make the center piece of a 120 tank. Very well packed and shipped.

Matt H. (London, KY, US)
Nice plant

I received a very healthy plant. Look just like the one in the photo. The red and green leaves are a nice contrast in my tank