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  • Vitamin Supplement for Increased Growth
  • Helps to Regrow Fins
  • Enhances Natural Colors

Vita Chem is a multi-vitamin supplement for fish. Generally, fish keepers use Vita Chem as a food soak to improve on the amount of vitamins their fish are getting. This can be essential for fish such as puffers or other predatory fish where live foods alone aren't providing sufficient nutrients. It works well with freeze dried food such as Hikari FD Krill or Brine Shrimp. It can also be very effective when added to frozen and pellet foods. Helps aid with fin regeneration & Lateral Line disease.

Customer Reviews

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Rand V. (Binghamton, NY, US)

I like this stuff I think it's helping but mote time will tell it adds what food is missing and I use premium food for my bettas an glo terras

Pretty good

This is good when they need a quick boost! I like adding some to their food right after they get off antibiotics and or deworming. Anything stressful.
Some vitamin and mineral is needed for other factors to work(hope that make sense)

Eddie K. (The Bronx, NY, US)

Vita Chem

Jill B. (Lynden, WA, US)
Great product

It's helped my fish alot recover and stay healthy.

Lindsey P.
Excellent Product!

I have several fish that won’t touch any food other than frozen blood worms. This product gives me peace of mind that even the picky eaters are getting the nutrients they need. I squirt several drops in a bowl of water while thawing the worms. A couple of my younger pea puffers have trouble eating a whole bloodworm, so I like cutting them into smaller bits while thawing. I also add Vita Chem to beef heart cubes and frozen krill. Getting ready to order my 2nd bottle. Very pleased!