Wonder Shell

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  • Made of Natural Materials
  • Easy to Use 
  • Adds Essential Minerals to Aquarium Water

These shells are great for adding hardness and minerals into your aquarium water. If you need more minerals for snails, shrimp, plants, goldfish or African cichlids etc, Wonder Shells are a good place to start. They are extremely easy, just drop it in your aquarium. Over time, Wonder Shells will completely dissolve into your water. Simply replace them when they do.

Customer Reviews

Based on 257 reviews
Yvonne D. (Warren, IN, US)
Wonder Shell

Perfect for my snails and shrimp! Works great!

David O. (Marysville, CA, US)
wonder shell

I use this with crushed coral to keep my ph from crashing. I have a lot of South American fish and 3 large pieces of wood in my 75 g. community tank. Very hard water with almost no calcium and this helps a lot. Cory and the coop are an aquarists best friends.

Nate M.
Wonder Shell

This product works as designed. Highly recommended!

Jeff S. (Portland, ME, US)
Great for my shrimp

Does exactly what it is supposed to do

Susan J.K. (Waldport, OR, US)
Wonder Shell

Made the fish tank water clear quickly.