Xtreme NICE 1.5mm Slow-Sinking Pellets

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  • Natural Ingredients
  • Great for Smaller Cichlids and Community Tanks
  • No Artificial Color Enhancers

Xtreme NICE 1.5mm Slow-Sinking Pellets (formerly Community Peewee) are a great 1.5mm pellet suitable for smaller cichlids, loaches, and goldfish. We find that these types of fish just go nuts for this food. Less picky cichlids such as Bolivian Rams and African cichlid fry love it as well. This food helps encourage breeding, brings out natural colors in fish and promotes good health and growth. Made with natural ingredients with Krill being at the top of the list.

Customer Reviews

Based on 199 reviews
Matt W. (Billings, MT, US)
Great food

I have a mixed community tank and was worried that my bottom dwellers would be getting under fed due to all the others zooming around and eating everything before it got to the bottom. These take about 2-3 seconds to drop to the bottom of my 55 gallon and are just big enough that the neons, danios, and other fish can eat them, but perfect for my khuli loaches and others and they can just chew on them as they lay on the bottom. I feel they were a good price for how large the container is. I would buy again, and I would buy from aquarium co-op :-)

Michael M. (Lincoln, NE, US)
Most of my fish regularly eat these

Finding the right food to keep your fish, healthy to live a long life is hard to do and aquarium. Co-op is a brand you can trust.

Kurtis S. (Sarasota, FL, US)

Unfortunately, my fish aren't eating it...?!? They seem to like and eat any other Xtreme food, i.e.: Nano, bottom wafers, krill flake... I'm confused on this one...! Maybe it wasn't sealed good and went stale or something, but at this point, I've quit feeding it since they did not eat it, which meant, with 50+ tanks, I had a lot of siphoning to do...! Also, mine was very far from "Slow-sinking"...! It all sank Immediately like a rock...!!! Again, maybe it was a bad jar, but as of now, I'm not a fan...! Thanks

Kay W. (Willow Springs, MO, US)

This is one of my favorites along with the huge Krill flakes. Everybody just has a party wjen these are fed.
Yours are the best I've experienced and continue to use them!

Kashif C. (Matteson, IL, US)
Great food

staple in the fish room as all of my cichlids will devour any Xtreme foods