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Candi Overhuls | Customer Service Manager

Questions & Answers

Q: Your favorite thing about working at Aquarium Co-Op?

A: First and foremost, Cory. It is an amazing feeling knowing that as an employee, your livelihood matters to him. This has been shown to me time and time again. That gives me a sense of security, and pushes me to give all that I have to give. 100% always.

As the customer service representative, being able to provide resolutions to our customers, is rewarding knowing I have helped in some way.

It’s truly a team effort, to ensure we are the best we can be, always being proactive to improve where needed, to provide the best experience we can for our customers. There is always a sense of pride, and support from the whole team, everyone has their own niche, each individual is an integral part of a well oiled machine that is Team Aquarium Co-op.

My background is in education, working with special needs children.

I have had fish in some form or fashion since I was a child. One of the first things I purchased when I moved out on my own was a 75 gallon fish tank. I have had ponds I dug and landscaped, with goldfish and koi for 20+ years up until the last 2 years.

Q: What has been your best moment while working for Aquarium Co-Op?

A: Honestly, I don’t think it could be anything more than simply being hired and handed the reins of the customer service position, knowing the high standards Cory has for this company, and being trusted with such an integral part of the business. I take pride in this. I believe customer service makes or breaks a company.

Q: What do you do in your daily job at Aquarium Co-Op?

A: I answer all team/shipping Aquarium Co-op emails. I provide solutions to any problems that arise due to shipping issues, issues with orders, or products. Troubleshooting products. I answer all day to day questions from meds and treatment, fish illness, in store, product, and youtube channel questions etc.. I also create orders for reships, edit orders as needed. As well as handling returns/refunds, warranties, and reships when things don’t arrive in good condition due to delays, or weather that affects plants, or lost. I also reach out to all customers that leave reviews, of an unsatisfactory experience, whether it be plants or dry goods, to ensure we make things right for them.

It is my goal to provide the best customer service experience as possible, with an outcome that provides the customer with the sense of fully being taken care of, with the least amount of hassle possible, and in an extreme timely manner.

Q: What is your favorite fish and why?

A: This is a hard question to answer, like choosing a favorite child. In the tank I am looking at from my desk, it would be the peacock gudgeons, and the clown killis. In my 125 it would be the Amazon puffers, and the emperor tetras that are breeding, I have fry, to teenagers, to adults, so fun to watch. The colony is really getting big.

Q: What would your dream aquarium be?

A: A fully aquascaped discus tank, I have never had discus, definitely want to. I would also love my reef tank back up and running, but I don’t have the time right now.

My ultimate dream tank would be a tank scaped by George Farmer.

Candi Overhuls' Tank

  • Type of tank: Planted community.
  • How long has it been setup? It’s been set up over a year.
  • List the fish in it: This is my favorite tank not because of how it looks but all the fish are from friends and fishtubers. Galaxy blue tails From Keng Lee/Twincitiesguppies. Peacock gudgeons, blue neon rasboras, clown killies from Bob Steenfott/Steenfott Aquatics. Blue dream A team shrimp from Lucas/Lrb Aquatics. Furcatas from Dan/Dan’s Fish. Plants from Aquarium Co-op and a wide assortment of snails, ramhorn and nerites, and amano shrimp and neons from Aqua Huna. Buce from Dan Slee, and Erik Lucas.
  • What is your biggest goal or challenge with this aquarium? This is a pretty basic set up with a sponge filter and USB nano air pumps, and my original Fluval 2.0 light. Not too many challenges in this tank, being such a simple setup. Goals for the tank would be to have it planted heavier, and for the peacock gudgeons to breed, as well as the clown killis.
Q: What product that we sell do you highly recommend?
  • Mag float with blades, this product is a game changer for cleaning the glass, even the toughest algae is scraped away with ease, including green spot algae. The blades are a must.
  • I have an older 75 gallon, that for some reason algae seems to almost embed in the glass, the mag float cuts right through it.
  • USB air pumps, they are so quiet and handy, can’t beat them. They are handy when someone sends you fish out of the blue (happens to me a lot) and you may not be ready, thow a cycled sponge filter in a bucket, and power it with a USB, such a lifesaver sometimes.
  • Pre filter intake sponges a must. Our design with the closed bottom makes them ideal, and not so fine they clog up fast. Adds extra surface area for BB to grow, with the extra filtration to reduce filter maintenance.
  • Xtreme Krill Flakes, love this food, the fish really fire up and love this food.
  • Xtreme shrimpee sticks, the antics this food brings out in my shrimp is so fun to watch, they literally ride each other's backs to try and steal and chase each other for this food.
  • Never clog air stones. I love them, because they are adjustable, tightened all the way down, you get super fine bubbles, love that feature, and of course never clog.
  • Easy Green Fertilizer, provides all you need to have beautiful plants, true to its name.

Top 5 Tips for Hobbyists

  • Take your time, have patience, lots of patience. This hobby isn't about instant gratification, it's about the journey, not the outcome.
  • Don't expect your new plants to grow overnight, give them time to adjust to your tank, have patience even if they melt a little, don't expect them to be filled in, in just a few weeks.
  • Breed at least one fish, it's so rewarding.
  • Plants take time to put out root growth, then you'll have growth above the substrate. Just like house plants and garden plants.
  • Put your lights on timers for planted tanks.

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