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Vita Chem
Ginger C. (Iron River, MI, US)
Vita chem

I bought this for my puffer’s because of how limited their diet is. They seem to like it!

Aquarium Co-Op Fish Net
Emma N. (Rochester, NY, US)

Aquarium Co-Op Fish Net

Repashy Soilent Green
Theplatymaster (Silver Spring, MD, US)
Fish dont like it, AND it clouds water

My fish (platies,panda garra,albino cories,betta) and snails (mystery and nerite) dont like this food. they will pick at it, but dont love it like other foods. It also ALWAYS clouds my water, even when i follow the instructions exactly.
That being said it has good ingredients, so it just might remain a fry food for me.
Not recommended.


Marimo moss balls grow great, value,

Python Hook
Donald O. (Daly City, CA, US)
Python hook

Makes the job a whole lot easier no mess with the hook

Xtreme Community Crave Flakes
Tran (New York, NY, US)
My goldfish enjoy them

...which might not be saying much but sometimes they do get fussy. I've added this as part of their quarantine diet and they seem to prefer these flakes over the peas, daphnia, brine shrimp and probiotic flakes they've been getting. Looking like a solid add to the rotation, I plan on using these in the main tank auto-feeder moving forward.

Easy Green All-in-One Fertilizer
Paula F. (Parker, CO, US)

I haven't had this long and am using it once a week per the directions. Plants are all looking good. I have anubis because they are really sturdy, and an African water fern that's quite big. I hope to keep these plants well and growing with Easy Green.

Dwarf Sagittaria
Edwin. A. (Warwick, NY, US)
Beautiful planr

I realy liked very much this plant

Dwarf Chain Sword
Thomas G. (Valley Stream, NY, US)

Arrived healthy. Doing great.

Aquarium Co-Op Coarse Sponge Filter
Sarena (Seattle, WA, US)
Sponge filter

I love my sponge filter so much I have converted all 7 tanks to them!

Ziss Adjustable Air Stone
Harold H. (Lexington, NC, US)
Great air stone

Been using these air stones for a little over a year now. I only use these now in all my tanks. Just ordered two more for my new set up in new 30 gallon aquarium. I'm running under gravel filters and these air stones are running in each one. And I use them on all my Aquarium Co-Op sponge filters in my small tanks. Will probably order more.

Xtreme NICE 1.5mm Semi-Floating Pellets
Jacob B. (Hockessin, DE, US)
Good fish food

My angelfish really enjoy this food.

Aquarium Co-Op Coarse Sponge Filter
Steven (Sturbridge, MA, US)
sponge filters

I have been usin sponge filters for over a year and I love them. Much easier than filters hooked up to the back of tank. Easy to clean and my water is clear and testing kit says A+ I have thrown away all my old filters and very happy.

Aquarium Co-Op Multi-Test Strips
Justin W. (Greensburg, PA, US)

Good accurate test strips.

Fritz Maracyn
MaryJo P.

This stuff is awesome.. it's way cheaper here at aquarium co-op then to buy it anywhere else that i've come across anyways .. just awesome products at a great aquarium store..

Fritz Maracyn
Jeanie (Romance, AR, US)
Fritz Maracyn

I won't know if this worked for a few days. Just put a few platys in my tank and hopefully whatever was in there killing my fish is gone.

Xtreme Bottom Wafers
Alex j. (Rockville Centre, NY, US)

My corydora loves these wafers. Only took a couple seconds for him to get to it. It sinks the second it hits the water unlike other sinking foods I have. I'm sure my shrimp will munch on it too.

Aquarium Co-Op Power Head
James K. (Martins Ferry, OH, US)
Love this thing!

Such an awesome, versatile product from the awesome peeps at aquarium co-op. It works great for filtration when added to a sponge filter and helps to create flow in the tank as well.

Ziss Adjustable Air Stone
Kassandra G. (San Diego, CA, US)
Adjustable air stone

Amazing prices, perfect for my Betta tank.


good hatch

Crushed Coral 1 Pound
Nemanja V. (St Louis, MO, US)
Crushed Coral 1 Pound

great product, very little dust

Aquarium Co-Op Air Pump with Battery Backup
Michael S. (Big Bear, CA, US)
Aquarium Co-Op Air Pump with Battery Backup

This air pump with built-in backup power is compact,quite and has different levels of air output.

Scarlet Temple
Gregory T. (Davisburg, MI, US)


Anubias nana "petite"
Sleepy (St. Petersburg, FL, US)

Really small and slow growing. Delivered quickly and in perfect condition!

Aquarium Co-Op Towel
Steve W. (Jacksonville, FL, US)
Great for after my shower

Absorbs water like bounty!