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  • Promotes Growth of Beneficial Bacteria
  • Helps Reduce Ammonia & Nitrite Over Time
  • Easy to Clean and Long-Lasting

Beneficial bacteria are the key to a healthy aquarium system as they effectively remove toxic ammonia and nitrite from the water column. Improve the good bacteria count in your aquarium by adding bio rings to your filter. They are great for use in canister filters, hang on back filters, sumps and more. The shape and porous design of these rings is intended to maximize the amount of surface area for beneficial bacteria to live and for water to flow freely through the rings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 192 reviews
Amber M. (Dallas, TX, US)
Bio rings

I got these to use instead of the biomax for my aquaclear hob filters. The bags are much bigger than I expected and so are the bio rings. I was easily able to take them out of the bag they come in and put them into the ACO filter media bag to fit it into my filters. Great price for the amount you get.

Carlos S. (Denver, CO, US)
Great media

Price is good thank you

Daniel C. (Trumbull, CT, US)
Great product from an even better company

As always a quality product delivered faster than I expected. Aquarium co-op never disappoints.

V (New York, NY, US)
Bio rings

Straight forward and do the job. Pro tip: ask for them to be wrapped in paper for shipping otherwise you’ll have ceramic dust on everything

R. (Atascadero, CA, US)

I have a 20 Gallon tank and I put a few in my filter. They were a little dusty so I got a bowl of aquarium water and cleaned them.