Easy Green All-in-One Fertilizer

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  • Beginner-friendly fertilizer for great plant growth
  • Easy-to-use dispenser for quick dosing
  • Safe for fish, shrimp, and snails

If you only get one fertilizer for your aquarium plants, then Easy Green is the one you want. As our #1 best-selling product, this all-in-one liquid fertilizer contains all the essential nutrients your aquatic plants need to thrive so that you don’t have to figure it out yourself. Cory, the founder of Aquarium Co-Op, originally developed it for in-store use because he wanted something that was:

1.   Easy to use, without having to measure out a ton of different supplements
2.   Way more potent than what was available on the market
3.   Reasonably priced, because a little goes a long way

While other brands require you to measure out certain milliliters or capfuls, we offer two sizes of Easy Green that come with easy-to-use dispensers for quick dosing. For most planted aquariums, get the 500 ml bottle with the pump head that treats 5,000 gallons total. Just dose 1 pump per 10 gallons of water each week to get great-looking plants for less than a penny per gallon. For nano tanks smaller than 10 gallons, the 120 ml bottle with the dropper cap is perfect and treats 1,200 gallons total.

If you’re new to planted tanks or aren’t getting the results you want, give Easy Green a try. This tried-and-true fertilizer has thousands of 5-star reviews that you can read below to see the incredible results people are getting.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4113 reviews
Natoha (Sherman, TX, US)
Easy Green All-in-One Fertilizer

So fare my plants are doing great I have been known as the plant Repper
Killing almost every plant I have tryd but so fare not one has kicked the bucket very happy

Paul B. (Florence, KY, US)
Easy Green

Love how easy it is to use and my plants love it

Thomas S. (Bradenton, FL, US)
Go Green

Love it, seen a difference in a week. Keep up the good work Cory.

Oscar R. (Rio Grande, PR)
Super Fast growth on my plants, and helped with algae

I can already see new growth on my Java Ferns and my stem plants have been giving put very lush new leaves compared to no fertilizer. When the small bottle runs out im definitely getting the bigger version.

Catherine M. (Louisville, KY, US)
Absolutely love this

My plants are thriving and I highly recommend this