Fritz ParaCleanse

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  • Treats Internal Parasites
  • Plant Safe
  • Invertebrate safe

We recommend using Paracleanse to treat internal tapeworms, a problem that nearly all freshwater fish have when purchasing from a pet store. We use this on every fish we receive in our store and in my personal fish room. It has proven to be safe for even scaleless fish, snails, shrimp, fish fry, and plants. We recommend using an airstone in the aquarium when treating with Paracleanse.

Commonly used to treat:
— Gill and skin flukes (Gyrodactylus)
— Swollen abdomen
— Wasting disease
— "Hole in the head" disease
— Internal tapeworms

Customer Reviews

Based on 397 reviews
DJ (Johnson City, TN, US)

I used it in my 60 gallon tank with snails, Kuhli Loaches, a Bristlenose Pleco, and an Angel fish, and everyone was fine during treatment! It was more of a prophylactic than to treat anything specific, as I had recently introduced new fish. I did add an air stone in addition to my cannister filter and sponge filter, just to be sure O2 levels were good.

Ryne T. (New Britain, CT, US)
Big 3!

It’s part of the big 3, what’s not to love? I used as Cory advised in his live bearer disease video, saved my new Dalmatian sailfin Molly

Johann H. (Nixa, MO, US)

Fritz ParaCleanse

L.W. (Longmont, CO, US)
Seems to work...

Seems to work okay. Have only used as follow up treatment after treating a full week with antibiotics. My fish seem to get full faster now and their colors have improved. The only issue is as I had to treat the whole tank at once. Both antibiotics and this effect the microbiome and now I am trying to get the bacteria healthy again. My only regret so far is I wasn't able to treat in a hospital/quarantine tank which I would recommend if you have a sick fish. It didn't harm the snails or shrimp I have.

David B. (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Good dewormer

did not affect my inverts, helped my skinny pea puffers turn into fat little dudes pretty quickly