Ziss Adjustable Air Stone

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  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Adjustable Bubble Size
  • Weighted to Sink

These are one the best air stones out there that money can buy. They are weighted to sink naturally and can be taken apart if they ever were to clog - so they can be cleaned or the disks replaced. They also work great inside sponge filters. Instead of replacing a cheap ceramic air stone every 4-6 months as they get worse and worse for bubbles, install one of these once and nearly never worry about it again. Tighten or loosen the disks to change how big the bubbles are.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1168 reviews
Harold H. (Lexington, NC, US)
Great air stone

Been using these air stones for a little over a year now. I only use these now in all my tanks. Just ordered two more for my new set up in new 30 gallon aquarium. I'm running under gravel filters and these air stones are running in each one. And I use them on all my Aquarium Co-Op sponge filters in my small tanks. Will probably order more.

Kassandra G. (San Diego, CA, US)
Adjustable air stone

Amazing prices, perfect for my Betta tank.

Drew a.L. (San Antonio, TX, US)
Air Stones That Make Sense

Affordable, practical, and multifunctional. Sure beats your basic everyday aquarium shop airstone! Indoor and outdoor use with no complications. Maintenance takes seconds.

Sam (Jersey City, NJ, US)
Ziss adjustable air stone.

I am using the Ziss adjustable air stone in a 7 gallon tank. It is inside of a foam filter. To be able to adjust the bubble size especially in a nano tank is important. I would not hesitate to purchase this airstone.

Dennis H. (Delhi, NY, US)
Co-Op Aquarium Air Stone

Fits nicely in their sponge filter and generates nice small bubbles