Phosphate Media Pad

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  • Absorbs Phosphates in Aquarium Water
  • Can be Cut to Custom Fit Your Filter
  • Improves Water Quality and Clarity

Phosphate pads are great for lowering your phosphate levels in your aquarium. Excess phosphates in the water column can cause algae growth and compromise fish health. Adding phosphate absorbing filter pads to your filter can ensure your tank remains healthy. They can easily be be cut down to the size of your filter for a perfect fit. Live plants prefer at least some phosphates be available in the water column, so this filter pad is best used in tanks with elevated phosphate levels.

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Andrew K. (Boise, ID, US)

Great money saver for fluval 307

Anthony R. (Merchantville, NJ, US)
Good media

Been battling BBA in my tank. Been dosing Easy Green Carbon and some BBA was still going strong on my rocks. Added this pad to my HOB and after a week, the BBA has turned white and disappearing. The pad is also nice and thick and doubles as a fine filter media.

Patrick H. (Chicago, IL, US)

Works great

Lou Z. (Philadelphia, PA, US)
Cost effective and efficient

Keeps water quality and clarity crystal clear. use on all my hang on back filters.

Gerardo P. (Rome, GA, US)
Absolutely worth having!

I keep my phosphate pad inside my hang on back filter along with the ammonia pad. All I can say is absolutely amazing and keeps me worry free of having huge spikes, at least more controlled. Also, you will have more than enough sponge to mess with