Seachem Purigen

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  • Absorbs Ammonia, Nitrite & Nitrate
  • Removes Tannins From Water
  • Improves Water Clarity

Purigen is a filter media designed to absorb organic waste such as ammonia, nitrites and nitrates at an incredible rate. When in use, it makes for a crystal clear water column. It is extremely helpful if being used to remove tannins as well. It is not known to remove aquatic fertilizers. Over time, Purigen will darken from white to brown so you can visually tell when it has been exhausted. Many hobbyists won't run a tank without it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 133 reviews
Mark P. (Swartz Creek, MI, US)

I like that it can be recharged. The instructions are on the Co-Op website, that's cool. I am using this in my planted tanks. I never used carbon in them ever. I thought I would use Purigen to clear the tannins. It works like a charm.

Lara R. (Folsom, CA, US)
Quality as always

Very nice and green, quickest delivery in the aquarium industry! Thank you!

Bonnie G. (Paola, KS, US)
Newbie here

First time setting up a big tank and was having issues getting everything balanced. Aquarium Coop's blog has been a life saver. Purigen has helped keep things in balance. Will continue to order and learn.

Sherrie W. (Jasper, GA, US)
Seachem Purigen

Excellent product works very well and as described. Fast shipping! Thanks!!

Lorri (Philadelphia, PA, US)
Great Stuff!

I had put 2 large pieces of Mopani Wood in my tank, after a week soaking, thought they would be ok. Turned tank dark, dark brown. Bought Purigen to try to clear it. It was amazing, cleared within 24 hours.