Aquarium Co-Op Shrimp Cave

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  • Good for Breeding Shrimp
  • Provides Hiding Shelter
  • Natural Appearance

This half dome cave is the perfect size shelter for shrimp to evade fish and to feel safe. They enjoy crawling in and out of the holes and it provides an excellent place for them to breed so the baby shrimp don't get eaten by larger species. 

The cave itself is made out of terra cotta clay and will not harm livestock. Moss or other plants can be placed on or around the outside of the cave to mimic the natural environment for shrimp.

Customer Reviews

Based on 179 reviews
Joseph K. (Milwaukee, WI, US)
Great for more then shrimp

I bought a couple of these i like to stuff them with moss my shrimp and kuhli loachs love to bundle up in them and you still get to see them and enjoy having them

John D. (Cobleskill, NY, US)
Clever lil thing

Tried shrimp with the best of intentions. Didn't work out. Now they're used as plant keepers. I've put small plants under them and the plants leaves grow thru the holes. Looks very cool... and keeps the plants at the substrate... no more weights!

Enrique E. (Buena Park, CA, US)
Shrimp Cave

Bought a couple of these caves and my shrimps love them! It is working very well and the shrimp colony started to take off shortly after. As all other products by Aquarium Co-Op, this one is very solid and well designed, definitely a great buy!

Charles S. (Scott City, KS, US)
A great addition to a stocked tank with shrimp

I have two of these in my 29 Gallon Betta tank. I also have 9 Harlequin Rasboras in there, so these provide great hiding places for my shrimp and shrimp fry. I have integrated my plants and java moss into these shrimp caves and they work amazingly well.

Charles P. (Hoopeston, IL, US)
Cave, or cliff?

My shrimp absolutely love it, however they seem to think it is a "cliff" instead of a cave. Out of my 10+ shrimp it seems as though only one enjoys actually treating it like a cave while the others think it is a mini "cliff" to overlook all of the others within the tank.