Worm Feeder Cone

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  • Less Mess From Feeding Live Food
  • Easy to Attach Suction Cup
  • Holds Up Well Over Time

This feeder cone is great for fish learning to take live foods and for keeping your aquarium a bit less messy from feedings. The cone is designed to keep food in one area for fish to easily access.

It is made out of clear, break-resistant plastic and has a suction cup on one side so you can easily mount it inside your aquarium. Mainly used for feeding live black worms, frozen blood worms.

Customer Reviews

Based on 116 reviews
Heather H. (Portland, OR, US)
Super helpful & easy to use

I love using this cone feeder for my community tank! It usually gives everyone an opportunity to get in there and grab a worm and get in line (more or less) to go again! Super fun to watch them eat from it.

Evan L. (Arlington, WA, US)
My fish love this feeder

Fish were instantly drawn to this feeder. Feeder keeps the mess contained and easy to get to.

Derek D. (Laurel, MS, US)
Cool little gadget

I really like how versatile this little feeder is. You can use it with the cone or just the ring. The ring is very handy for freeze dried foods I don’t want floating all over the surface and getting trapped in corners or on plants. And the cone is good for frozen bloodworms.

Donna H. (Galax, VA, US)
Great product

My fish love frozen blood worms, and this keeps them from sinking to the bottom, so it's easier for the fish to feed.

Maxamillion M. (Whittier, CA, US)
Works well!

My betta fish loves it