Xtreme NICE 1.5mm Semi-Floating Pellets

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  • Feeds Fish At All Levels of Water Column
  • Highly Nutritious, Natural Ingredients
  • Made in the USA

This 1.5mm semi-floating pellet from Xtreme is an excellent option for fish feeding at the top of the water column and at all levels. Approximately 20% of this food will sink at a regular interval while the remaining will keep floating, giving even bottom dwellers a chance at this tasty treat. It is developed with natural, nutritious ingredients with krill being the first ingredient.

Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
Jacob B. (Hockessin, DE, US)
Good fish food

My angelfish really enjoy this food.

Dave L. (Mount Bethel, PA, US)
Great pellet!

My fish love these. I like that the slowly sink and don’t make a mess.

Ryan (Calvert Heights, MD, US)
Easy to use great for community tanks!

My rainbow fish and loaches love these! Perfect size for medium sized fish and bottom dwelling fish will get their fair share as well!

Michael H. (Guymon, OK, US)
Fish Love It

I ordered the small container to start with to see how my fish took to it. Needless to say I have already ordered the larger container.

Jesse G. (Pinellas Park, FL, US)
Fish love it!

My mbuna cichlids love it, but they love anything