Xtreme Krill Flakes

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  • Krill as Main Ingredient
  • Color Enhancing
  • Crunchy Flakes

Normally flake foods are considered a "budget" food. Xtreme's Krill Flake is the opposite. It is made with quality ingredients such as krill as the first main ingredient. Given that this is a flake food, you can easily crumble it to the right size for the fish you are feeding. Not only is this food a great protein source for your fish, but it will naturally enhance their color as well - whether it's for your prized guppy fry or your cichlids that you want to get those colors to pop a bit more. I've personally been using this flake food with my livebearers and they love it. Watch my video review here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 733 reviews
Michael T. (Lockport, IL, US)

Xtreme Krill Flakes

Matthew R. (Hurricane, UT, US)
Ciclid mbunas food

Love it fish go crazy for it.

Andrew G. (Lynnwood, WA, US)

Xtreme Krill Flakes

Eric N. (Pikesville, MD, US)
great flake

My pickier fish don't love the flakes, but most do. More importantly, they have great flake properties: it stays together after getting wet, sinks slowly, easy to crush up and make small, and distributes itself in the tank without effort.

Here are my fish that don't eat it: discus, rams, apistos and pea puffer. Fish that do: tetras, endlers, dwarf rainbows, corydoras, CPDs, white clouds. By comparison, everything eats Hikari Vibra Bites, and everyone except the pea puffer eats xtreme pellets.

I like to use the flakes to mix things up, and I think the spread of the flakes helps fry, shrimp and less aggressive eaters.

James B. (Ruther Glen, VA, US)
Must have for picky eaters!

My fish go nuts for these! I have one picky tetra that won't touch frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp, yet as soon as these flakes hit the water, he is zipping around, gobbling them up!