Chat Room Rules

Rules and disclaimers:

  • No swearing or racism.
  • No Politics.
  • No religion. 
  • No negativity.
  • No Selling to chat participants.
  • No inappropriate language, links or images.
  • No advertising businesses/social media influencers.
  • No talking about competitors good or bad.
  • No warnings before being banned. "I was just joking" is not an excuse.
  • Bans won't be reversed.
  • All opinions expressed are just that opinions. Seek professional advice from a vet for professional advice. Aquarium Co-Op or participants of chat are not held responsible for advice given. 
  • Some links auto generated by chat will be affiliate links where we earn a commission. Amazon, Aqua Huna, Twin Cities Guppies. 
  • We have Sponsors of our content: Aquarium Co-Op, Xtreme.
  • Rules are subject to change at any time without notice.

We understand that not everyone will get along. We run a community that works for most participants. This will not factor in how much a customer spends, or how long someone has been a member or chat participant. We hope that by reading this early on, if you are banned, you can respect that our retail store and online business is still able to serve you as it did before this chat was created.