Useful links we recommend in the store. (Local Washington Fish Forum)
Greater Seattle Aquarium Society (Local Fish Club)
Betta Care (An article that explains the proper setup for a betta)
Goldfish Myths (An article everyone thinking about getting their goldfish should read.)
Pea Puffers (A source to do your research before you buy)
Shell Dwellers (A forum dedicated to shell dwelling cichlids)

Preferred Specialized Vendors besides Aquarium Co-Op
Select Aquatics (Focus on Rare livebearers)
Dandy Orandas Auctions (Online Auction site for goldfish)
NTO Plastic Tanks (Our source for stock tanks and other fish containers) Friends of Aquarium Co-Op
Inglorious Bettas (A blog dedicated to fancy bettas)

Customer's Local Businesses
Cats Paw Bees (Local raw honey)
AQPKG (Aquarium Fish Shipping Supplies)