10 Malaysian Trumpet Snails

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You will receive 10 Malaysian trumpet snails 1/2 inch to 1 inch size.  They will be in a hard shell plastic container to keep them as safe as possible during shipping.  Malaysian trumpet snails have a life span of about 1 year in tropical temperatures and reproduce quickly in established aquariums, they are livebearers and do not lay eggs. These snails will not eat plants unless they are already starting to decay, and will not harm shrimp. Malaysian trumpet snails come in a variety of shell colors and shell patterns, and max out at about 1 inch when fully grown.* Due to the natural nature of this product we cannot guarantee it will look exactly as pictured *

  • When you get your notification that your package has been received, bring them inside as soon as possible as extreme heat or cold can takes its toll on them.
  • Shipping is stressful, it is not uncommon for them to stay in their shells for up to a week after delivery.
  • When removing them from the package give them a smell. If you don’t notice a STRONG odor, then they are still alive in the shell.
  • Place them in the corner of your aquarium. Check on them each day to see if they have moved out of the corner.
  • Malaysian trumpet snails are nocturnal and like to burrow, so it’s not uncommon for them to disappear when we aren’t watching them. This is a good thing.
  • If you have any questions please send them to Team@aquariumcoop.com

Malaysian Trumpet Snails are great for:

  • Shifting through substrate
  • Breaking down waste
  • Eating algae and detrius
  • Loosening substrate to help plant's root systems
  • Eating excess fish food

Malaysian Trumpet Snail Care Requirements:

  • Calcium in water or diet
  • Min tank size 5 gallons (or less depending on aquarist's skill level) 
  • 70°F - 78°F (stops breeding at lower temps)

Scientific Name: Melanoides tuberculata

Other Common Names: Malayan livebearing snails, MTS

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews

I received 12. Unfortunately over half didn't survive originally, at the fault of the USPS, not Aquarium Co-Op. (The delivery notification didn't come in until they had been sitting in a hot metal mail box on a 100F day for a couple of hours.) However, the other half did survive and are all doing well after two months. They have also started reproducing so my lost snails have been replaced :)

Mostly alive after a long trip

These snails took a rather interesting route through Alaska that took many days more than expected to receive. 2 were DOA, but there were a few extra. All together I believe I received 10 healthy snails.


I placed the snails in the corner of 55 gal tank and have never seen them again. I guess they're OK


I ordered 10 trumpet snails. Received 12 and 10 survived the cross country trip. They dug in to my substrate and went to work.

Extra 1

Came alive and got an extra one. Very satisfied with my order!