6 Assassin Snails

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Assassin Snails

You will receive 6 assassin snails in a hard shell plastic container to keep them as safe as possible during shipping. These snails are often recommended when trying to control snail populations, working slowly but efficiently to hunt down other species of snails. Assassin snails will eat other larger snails, often burrowing into the substrate to ambush. These snails can grow to 1 inche in size and live an average of about 2 years. *Can only ship to the the USA and Territories*

  • When you get your notification that your package has been received, bring them inside as soon as possible as extreme heat or cold can takes its toll on them.
  • Shipping is stressful, it is not uncommon for them to stay in their shells for up to a week after delivery.
  • When removing them from the package give them a smell. If you don’t notice a STRONG odor, then they are still alive in the shell.
  • Place them in the corner of your aquarium. Check on them each day to see if they have moved out of the corner.
  • Malaysian trumpet snails are nocturnal and like to burrow, so it’s not uncommon for them to disappear when we aren’t watching them. This is a good thing.
  • If you have any questions please send them to Team@aquariumcoop.com

Assassin Snail Care Requirements:

  • Calcium in water or diet
  • Meaty Diet of other snails or worms 
  • Min tank size 10 gallons (or less depending on aquarist's skill level) 
  • 68°F - 74°F 

Scientific Name: Clea helena

Origin: South East Asia

Customer Reviews

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Assassin Snails

Like everyone else says great service again!Snails are doing what they are supposed to do,at least the four that survived,my snail population is down by about 1/3 so I'm very happy.Thanks Cory and Crew.

Great service!

As always Cory and his crew came through on time with my order of 6 Assassin Snails. All arrived and quickly perked up and disappeared in my aquarium. I did notice one empty shell a few days later but not sure what happened there. I see them come out now and again and have noticed reduced numbers of my pond Snails so they must be doing their job. I do have one mystery snail in the tank and I haven't noticed them bothering him. Thanks Aquarium Co-op.

Great snails

Doing what assassins do.

Assassin snails

They all arrived alive. Packed properly. On time. 2 weeks later all are thriving in their new home. 5 stars to Cory.

Excellent seller

Snails alive, doing good