8 Olive Nerite Snails

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Olive Nerite Snails

You will receive 8 Olive Nerite snails in a hard shell plastic container to keep them as safe as possible during shipping. Nerite snails are great for algae clean up crews and are by far our favorite algae eaters. Nerite snails can be kept in freshwater but their eggs will only hatch in brackish water aquariums, no need to worry about a snail population explosion! Olive Nerite snails grow to about 1/2 - 1 inch in size with the average lifespan being 3-5 years in a healthy aquarium *Can only ship to the the USA and Territories*

  • When you get your notification that your package has been received, bring them inside as soon as possible as extreme heat or cold can takes its toll on them.
  • Shipping is stressful, it is not uncommon for them to stay in their shells for up to a week after delivery.
  • When removing them from the package give them a smell. If you don’t notice a STRONG odor, then they are still alive in the shell.
  • Place them in the corner of your aquarium. Check on them each day to see if they have moved out of the corner.
  • If you have any questions please send them to Team@aquariumcoop.com

 Olive Nerite Snail Care Requirements:

  • Calcium in water or diet
  • Min tank size 10 gallons (or less depending on aquarist's skill level) 
  • 70°F - 78°F 

Scientific Name: Neritina reclivata

Other Common Names: Olive Snail, ONS

Customer Reviews

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I had an algae problem in 3 tanks so this package was nice. I received them in a little sealed cup wrapped up in a moist paper towel and all seemed healthy. To my happy surprise there were actually 9! By the end of the day all of them were active and exploring. Over time its clear theyre quick algae eaters!
Definitely will buy from them again

Buy these snails

I got these snails fast and vary healthy and they started moving and eating the moment they goto into the tank.

just as expected

everything came just as shown online, and looked like great care was taken in packaging.
i've already ordered from Aquarium Co-op again.

Great little workers

I had brown algae covering the majority of my tank. These guys all arrived alive and immediately began eating away at all the algae. My colorful dragon stone was covered in algae and all the rocks appeared to be the same color brown. After a day the snails brought back all the color! I’m glad I made this purchase.

Nerite Snails

All eight arrived alive and have thrived in my aquarium. Great addition.