Anubias Nana Petite in a Bowl

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One of our favorite plants now available in a terracotta pot, great for goldfish tanks!

Diameter of pot: 3.5 in

Scientific Name: Anubias barteri var nana petite

Care Level: Easy

Biotope: Africa

Temperature Range: 71° -  80° F

Anubias are wonderful beginner plants, doing well in a wide range of conditions. Endemic to  Africa they can be found growing in streams, rivers, and even marshes. Preferring more subdued lighting, their genus gets its name from the Egyptian god Anubis, from often being found growing in shaded areas.

Anubias are rather slow growers, with ideal conditions they typically will grow a new leaf every 3 weeks or so. You can get anubias to grow faster under high lighting conditions with injected CO2.

* Due to the nature of this product we cannot guarantee it will look exactly as pictured, shipments may vary in size *

Customer Reviews

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Nothing Petite about it!

Inside a standard terracotta 'low boy' bowl, is quite easily a 2 year old Nana Petite Anubias.
Extremely healthy with completely green leaves. No yellowing or showing signs of stress/nutrient deficiency's.
You clearly get what you've paid for. I'm very happy with my purchase.

Love it

I have had this Anubis for 2 1/2 weeks now. This plant in a bowl is a real eyecatcher in the aquarium. Received
plant in great shape. Plant is very dark green and it’s actually getting a little taller already. I believe that’s because I use Coreys easy green and easy iron weekly. I’m going to order a second One for my 65 gallon tank.

Nice plants

These are very nice plants a little spendy but with the little pot I can move them around easy witch is convenient all were in great condition and are growing fine for me

Looks amazing

The color of Anubias leaves is a nice contrast to the bowl they are in. The bowl also makes moving the Anubias around extremely simple. It is a little steep in the price, but I feel it was worth it.


I received my Anubis in the extreme cold (They survived!) I love the size of it, fits perfectly in my fluvial spec! The fact that it is in a bowl so it is easy to move, is a big plus.