Anubias Nana

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  • Hardy
  • Low Light
  • Easy to Grow

Anubias nana is a smaller variant of Anubias barteri, but not as small as Anubias nana 'petite'. It reaches a height of about 5-6 inches and its leaves are deep green in color.

Anubias nana is rather slow growing and will thrive in low light or shaded areas of your aquarium. Its rhizome will slowly creep along horizontally while its leaves grow vertically upwards.

Customer Reviews

Based on 248 reviews
McVerde (Paterson, NJ, US)
Anubias Nana

I’ve purchased 3 plants and they are doing well! They came in great condition and were easy to just drop into my easy planters. I do have one free floating and that one is doing great as well. I buy all my plants from Aquarium Co-op and they have arrived in excellent condition.

Richard D. (Massapequa Park, NY, US)
Very nice plants!

I have ordered more than ten plants from aquarium co-op, they have all arrived in excellent condition. Three of the plants I ordered for my two tanks were Anubias Nanas. They look fake because of how healthy they are, consistent deep green leaves and well structured roots. I was shocked at the condition of the all the plants I received as well as how fast my orders were processed and how fast I received all the plants.
Another thing which I am been happy about, there were no snails introduced from the plants.

Mandy H. (Ocala, FL, US)
Beautiful plants

I bought two of these because I am starting my first planted tank, but I also have two more tanks with gravel substrates so I wanted to get some plants in those as well. The plants arrived really quickly, and in perfect shape.

Kane O. (Valdosta, GA, US)
I love the quality and customer service

The plants came and were very high quality and an Anubis came melted. Probably from the cold in shipping. They promptly shipped a new one

Angel O. (Temecula, CA, US)

Every plant that I have ordered from this place is top notch you can tell they definitely care about what they do. Big thanks to Cory & the team