Anubias Golden

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Scientific Name: Anubias sp. golden

Care Level: Easy

Biotope: Africa

Temperature Range: 71° -  80° F

Anubias are wonderful beginner plants, doing well in a wide range of conditions. Endemic to  Africa they can be found growing in streams, rivers, and even marshes. Preferring more subdued lighting, their genus gets its name from the Egyptian god Anubis, from often being found growing in shaded areas.

Anubias are rather slow growers, with ideal conditions they typically will grow a new leaf every 3 weeks or so. You can get anubias to grow faster under high lighting conditions with injected CO2.


Anubias can be planted in a wide variety of ways, typically preferring being attached to a surface allowing water to flow over their roots. When planting anubias in substrate take care not to bury the rhizome of the plant, the rhizome is the thickest part of the plant where the leaves and roots sprout from.

* Due to the nature of this product we cannot guarantee it will look exactly as pictured, shipments may vary in size *

Customer Reviews

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Speaks for itself

By far my favorite anubias. The buttery textured lime green leaves really make a tank pop. This plant stays relatively short so it’s great for foreground, I also enjoy it glued to branches/twigs.

Anubias Golden as Pictured

Arrived in great condition, very close to photo in ad. Nice color and root system, been in my tank for a week and already has new growth.


My first took two weeks to adjust. My next two melted away. Leafs and roots. All four in the same tank.

Anubias Golden

I received my first order last week and have already written a review (a GREAT review, by the way) but wanted to add a word about the Anubias Golden I ordered. Like the other plants I got, it looked fantastic and was a much larger plant than I had expected. I love its lighter green color which contrasts nicely with the other plants. I will definitely be ordering more very soon. It's a knock-out!

Anubias Golden

Excellent plant. Received very healthy. Made a nice addition to my tank.