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API Phosphate Test Kit

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This liquid kit is used to test for phosphate in the water. Often used to see if your source of water has phosphates in it. Used a lot in freshwater planted aquariums and saltwater aquariums. Too many phosphates is one of the leading causes of algae in an aquarium, however it is also a building block of plants.  Kit provides 150 tests.

Customer Reviews

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More people need to use this

Honestly I have had fish for a many years and until recently never knew you should test for phosphates. I've been having an algae issue and after watching one of Corey's videos he talked about phosphates... guess what I have a lot of phosphate right from the tap water. So I also purchased the phosphate media in hopes it will help my slight algea issue.

It tested my phosphates

API's liquid test kits are always good. Price here was better than my local fish store. Yay.

So glad I bought this

I was having trouble with algae growth, even after cutting back on the lights, increased water changes, etc. Got this phosphate test kit because it indicated high phosphate levels could lead to algae growth. Sure enough, my phosphate level was high (2). I added the API phosphate remover filter to my canister filter, and within a week my phosphate level was zero, where it should be. I am seeing a lot less algae, and am so glad I bought this test kit.


Works perfectly as do all things i buy from aquarium coop. thanks for carrying all the essentials!

Works for freshwater too

I bought this test kit to go along with my API freshwater test kit because I recently moved to Kentucky and wanted to know more about my water structure. There are two cards included so this test kit doubles for both fresh and salt water.