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Big plant!!

This plant came in huge!!! But was expertly packed
I will soon be moving it to my 29 gallon as a single specimen to give that tank some depth

Amazing plant, my new favorite

This plant looks gorgeous it honestly way exceeded my expectations. I ordered on a whim because it looked like a big java fern in the picture. When I got it I realized it actually looks nothing like a java fern, but more like a big house plant (but underwater) with gorgeous green leaf color. My fish love swimming under the giant leaves and resting atop them. It shipped in pretty good condition (which is impressive considering how big it is). After a few days of settling in the tank in started growing super fast (I fertilize with Easy Green 2x a week and Iron 1-2 times a week + a root tab once a month under it). It's been a month and it's already growing interesting new leaves in addition to regular leaves, they look different than normal leaves, not sure what their purpose is. My only warning is that it's really meant for a large and tall tank and you'll probably need to prune old leaves once a month to control growth. My aquarium is 37 gallon high (22 inches tall) and it's still too small for this plant in my opinion. Additionally I read somewhere that you need to take it out (the bulb) of the aquarium once a year or so to simulate a dry season if not it will die, but you only do this once the plant starts losing it's leaves in the aquarium. I'm not sure if this is true, but we'll see in a year.

Awesome looking plant!

I ordered three of these at once and they all came with HUGE leaves, very healthy!

Holy Wow

I looove this plant. With leaves over a foot, beautiful and lush green it became the center of my 55 gal.

Large and healthy plant!!!

Purchased this plant a couple weeks ago. Large healthy plant and it's doing great!!