AquaClear Filter

Aquaclear filters are our favorite hang on back filters because they have a large media chamber that you can customize to what you need. We typically run multiple sponges in them and an intake sponge. We recommend buying 1 size up for your tank. 

  • 10 gallon - use the Aquaclear 20
  • 20 Gallon uses the Aquaclear 30
  • 30 Gallon uses the Aquaclear 50
  • 40 Gallon Uses the Aquaclear 50


Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Works Well

This filter has been consistent and efficient. I followed Corey’s advice and added a prefilter and it’s doing a great job and my fry are safe!

Aquaclear 50

I will not use any other filter! I got this to put on my 40 gallon breeder and I took the old one that was also an Aquaclear 50 and put on my 29 gallon that I just got going to cycle. Both tanks are paired with a medium pre filter sponge. I'm not running the activated carbon, but I am running the sponge and bio media that comes with it with an added filter floss between the two.
Other than the filter running great! Aquarium Co Op has the best price on this filter (not like I would buy anywhere else online). This is my second time ordering from the Co Op and they are on top of receiving my order, packing my order and getting it to me within 3 days.


Works good and its quiet

AquaClear 30

Did some research and found Aquarium coop on YouTube and this filter along with a pre filer spong was exactly what I needed.

Aqua Clear 20

I'm totally amazed by this filter! The ease of operation and how it perfectly matched my son's 10 gallon aquarium. It is very quiet too! A 5 star rating! Thanks Aquarium Co-OP for selling a great product!!