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AquaClear Filter

$ 26.99
$ 26.99

Aquaclear filters are our favorite hang on back filters because they have a large media chamber that you can customize to what you need. We typically run multiple sponges in them and an intake sponge. We recommend buying 1 size up for your tank. 

  • 10 gallon - use the Aquaclear 20
  • 20 Gallon uses the Aquaclear 30
  • 30 Gallon uses the Aquaclear 50
  • 40 Gallon Uses the Aquaclear 50


Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Start up issues and arrived dirty, but seems to be working great. Excellent instructions.

I bought this to replace a leaky filter that came with a walmart starter kit. It arrived unbroken, but the biomedia bag had a hole at the seam so everything was covered in dust and particles. I rinsed it off with little trouble, but when I went to start it initially I found that it did jam the impeller. Fortunately, the instructions are very clear in terms of assembly and disassembly so I was easily able to fix this. The instructions say it takes about 45 seconds to prime, but mine was closer to 90 seconds... now though it's running nice and smoothly and I'm hoping I can avoid using cartridge based filters from now on. It was a bit noisy while it was priming, but I can't hear the motor really now unless I listen for it. I think it is worth the price I paid... certainly better than my old leaky one. I'm knocking off a star for the start up issues and open bag.

AquaClear HOB

I misplaced the instructions and still had no problem setting it up. Currently using it on a AquaMaxx 22 long. I like the fact that you can service the media from outside the tank and the adjustable flow. I'm also using a sponge on the intake, purchased along with this filter. Great customer service!!! :)

Aquaclear 20

It's quiet. I love it I had different kinds of filters but this one is the greatest.


This is my third aquaclear, they are great little filters. Quietest hob I own.

Works great, But LOUD

The motor is loud enough to hear across the room, but when you put your ear against the glass it sounds like a Honda generator. I can’t but think that is stressful for the fish. Also the water has to be really high to get that across-the-top flow, otherwise it’s a heavy waterfall flow no matter how much you turn it down. Functional fantastic, but wouldn’t buy again. Probably lean more toward a sponge or canister.

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