Aquarium Co-Op Unbreakable Catch Cup

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  • Conveniently hangs on side of aquarium
  • Tough, break-resistant plastic design
  • Great for moving fish, plants, food, and tools

The Aquarium Co-Op Catch Cup is the universal tool that every fishkeeper needs. It can be hung from the side of any aquarium with ease and is used for shipping, breeding, moving, observing, holding plant trimmings, and a million other uses. This incredibly durable holding container is made from super clear plastic and is meant to withstand long-term use with your aquariums and fish. The plastic is pliable and break-resistant, even if you drop on concrete.  We love to use these daily at the Aquarium Co-Op retail store. 

Aquarium Co-Op Breeding Supplies Aquarium Co-Op Tough Specimen Container

Inspect and Transfer Fish Between Aquariums

Shatter Resistant

Aquarium Co-Op Breeding Supplies Aquarium Co-Op Unbreakable Catch Cup
Aquarium Co-Op Breeding Supplies Aquarium Co-Op Unbreakable Catch Cup

Photograph and Observe Fish

Customer Reviews

Based on 282 reviews
Shelly G. (Sioux City, IA, US)
Unbreakable Catch Cup

This really works!! I accidentally dropped this when i have a bunch of snails in it
The snails bounced out along with the water, but it didn't break!!
I like

Nicole K. (North Attleboro, MA, US)
Very handy

I’ve used this for acclimating fish and holding floating plants during water changes. This is an extremely handy and well made cup. Definitely recommend!

Brandon J. (Milton, FL, US)

I have been keeping fish most of my life, off and on. I have caught and held fish in too many different ways to count. These catch cups are by far my favorite method for catching fish for holding or bagging. And as a bonus they work pretty well as a hatchery with the addition of an air pump and air line. Keep up the great work team Co-op!

C.B. (Montgomery, AL, US)
Aquarium Co-Op Unbreakable Catch Cup

This is going to come I. Handy when I start separating my baby guppies. It’s made very well and actually bigger than I was expecting. I’d definitely buy again.

Greg (Denver, CO, US)
Very Useful

Sturdily built and comes in so handy that I bought two more.