Aquarium Co-Op Easy Plant LED Light

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  • Highly durable and water-resistant
  • Easy-to-use, attached remote
  • 3-year, hassle-free warranty

We wanted to make an aquarium light that is bright, grows plants, and makes fish look great. The Easy Plant LED is designed to imitate natural sunlight and is bright enough to grow both low and high light plants. The easy-to-use controller allows you to adjust the light intensity with 10 different settings, as well as switch between Daylight and Moonlight modes. Plus, it's extremely resistant to breakage and water damage, and all your settings are saved even if the power goes out.

Adjustable Brightness

3-Year Warranty

Extending Brackets That Don't Leave You Hangin'

Extra Long Cord

Bright Enough for Any Aquarium

Customer Reviews

Based on 673 reviews
nmw-1999 (Colchester, IL, US)
Looks great

It looks great. I replaced a broken light with this one and it looks great. I’ve noticed more growth in my plants already and excited to see how good they grow.

Linda L. (Davis, CA, US)
Nice features!

I’ve never had a real aquarium light before, just the cheap led hoods that come with the tank. I’m excited to grow some nice plants now and I chose this one because of Aquarium Coop’s excellent reputation and the quality plants that I have received from them several times.

Brittany N. (Denver, CO, US)
Love it!

I love this simple, easy to use light! Super sleek, strong extending brackets that sit cleanly on the rim, and the perfect dimming feature that makes it both perfect for my betta fish and my low-moderate light plants. Couldn’t ask for anything more!

Jeffrey S.C. (Nashville, TN, US)
LED Light System

The Aquarium Co-op LED Light System is fantastic. Very low profile unit, and packed with features. The unit remains cool and provides a range of brightness that is easily adjustable. Highly recommend this light!

J.S.G. (Fresno, CA, US)
Amazing light

I really like the fact that you can control the intensity of the light which can greatly help you control algae.