Co2 Art Dual Stage Pro Regulator

It's taken me a long time to find a line of regulators I wanted to sell and stand behind. With the Co2 Art line, we have found that. This is the perfect regulator for anyone starting out with co2 for their aquarium. It's not the cheapest but it is reliable and well made. We simply couldn't stand behind the cheaper regulators on the market with their production defects. We like to pair these with the Aquario Neo Diffusers

  • Dual-stage design minimizes the increase in output pressure as pressure drops in the gas cylinder and will prevent "end-tank-dump" keeping your aquarium livestock safe and CO2 levels constant.
  • Safe 12V DC Integrated Solenoid Valve
  • Power adapter with universal voltage 100V-240V
  • New quality design and a completely new construction.
  • Innovative design provides extreme accuracy and safety.
  • Integrated Solenoid Valve.
  • Adjustable working pressure up to +/- 40PSI (3 BAR) which makes it an excellent product for both Tropical and Marine Aquariums.
  • Needle valve with bubble counter included.
  • Dual gauge pressure indicators (tank volume and flow pressure/working pressure

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Great Product

This was my first co2 system. A few more details on how to hook it up would have been nice. Like where the hose hooked up to and to put water in the bubble counter. Now it seems simple but for a first time user with no previous knowledge a bit difficult even with watching several videos no-one shows hooking up the hose.

First CO2 set

Very easy to install and setup. Plants are thriving.

First time user

The regulator has been great so far! It was easy to set up and feels and looks very sturdy and well made! I’m happy I bought it :)

Love that co2

Bought the CO2 ART dual stage regulator about two weeks ago. Not that long a time for a review but unit was easy to install and very easy to regulate bubble flow and selenoid works great hooked up to a timer. So far there have been no problems.

Art Co2 Dual Stage Pro A+

Art Co2 regulator has been installed for few days now.
Easy to set up. Have one bubble per second going for now. Was easy to dial in. Fit and finish were very good. Look forward to reliable Co2 delivery to newly planted tank.

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