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Dennerle Shrimp King Complete

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Feed sticks for daily feeding. Containing all the important nutrients, substances needed for growth and vital substances that shrimps need for healthy, balanced growth, vibrant coloring and plentiful reproduction.

Sinking, water-stable feed sticks consisting of 100% natural ingredients for a biologically balanced diet for freshwater dwarf shrimp. Shrimp King Complete contains all the essential nutrients and substances for growth that shrimps need every day. High-quality proteins and essential amino acids from aquatic animals ensure balanced growth. Dietary fiber from various leaves and bark supports healthy digestion.

Vitamins and vital substances from different types of algae and vegetables act as "lubricants" for a functioning metabolism. ß-glucan from yeasts supports the body's own defenses. And natural carotinoids promote the full development of species-specific coloring. As a result of the numerous ingredients, each individual feed stick already contains a varied diet. Premium shrimp food made in Germany.

Ingredients: Kelp, insect proteins, dandelion, stinging nettles, spinach, mulberry leaves, chlorella, montmorillonite, Moringa oleifera, rosemary, mannan-oligosaccharides, ß-glucans, flower pollen, turmeric, cinnamon
Analytical constituents: 23.1% crude protein, 6.2% crude fat, 9.2% crude fibre, 17.3% crude ash

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Best food I’ve used for my Red Rilli

Bought the Shrimp King Complete, and my Red Rilli Shrimp have gone ballistic. My otocinclus love it as well. Any time I drop one in, there’s a dogpile of shrimps and snails..... too many snails! Wish I knew about this when I first set up my shrimp tank which was doing “ok”. Now, they are breeding like mad, beautiful colors and there are dozens and dozens of them and nymphs everywhere. I highly recommend! Fast shipping, great product.

Curse You, Dennerle!

My RCS won't eat anything else! They are totally addicted. It looks like Black Friday at Walmart when I drop these pellets in. I have videos where I've freaked people out. On top of it, my guppies fight each other and the shrimp for the pellets. And you only make these small bottles! I need a 55 gallon drum, please. I'm going broke and my shrimp are breeding like crazy!

Great food!

My 3 amanos were all over this the moment it hit the water. Great foood!

Love it. This was a second purchase.

You know how hard it is to feed everyone? Well not only do my shrimp like this food, but so do my kuhli loaches and otocinclus in the same tank. Yes, the finicky otos like it too and are nice and fat. It has a nice, fresh green small. Also, it's really nice packaging, which I appreciate. In general, my critters like this one better than the Dennerle five leaf mix. That one they do not fancy.