Dennerle Snail Catcher

This little gadget is great! It extends to about 12 inches so you don't have to get your hands wet while collecting snails. Great for feeding tanks of puffers or loaches. You can see them using it in this video of the best aquascaping store in the world.

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Work great wish it was bigger I love it thanks for bring it in

It works

I used to use my tweezers to pick the little things off the glass but this is much easier. I like that I can extend the handle.

My puffers love this.

I live this. It's generally quicker than using an aquascape tool to knock snails into a net. I get snails out of my 40 gallon and 20 gallon long tanks. The snails are the right size for pea puffers. Won't work an good sized ramshorn snails. Bladder and smaller ramshorn it handles easily.

Cool piece of tech

I was surprised at how small it was. Somehow in the video it seemed larger. It is also extendable. It works really well to harvest bladder snails. Better than my fingers. It can only hold a few snails but the catch container empties easily.

No more using my library card to scrape snails off the glass - this thing is awesome!

What an awesome gadget - it is easy and fun to use and makes quick work of removing pest snails off the glass without getting your arm wet. I made a NON-ENDORSED review video on YouTube in case you want to see this thing being used by a very happy Aquarium Co-op customer. Guess it is time to start up a puffer tank! Review begins at timestamp: 06:37 Thanks again to the Co-op for another easy transaction and for the fast shipping too!

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