Dennerle Snail Catcher

This little gadget is great! It extends to about 12 inches so you don't have to get your hands wet while collecting snails. Great for feeding tanks of puffers or loaches. You can see them using it in this video of the best aquascaping store in the world.

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Secondary Purpose: Corydoras Egg Catcher!

So this wand removes the tiny snails pretty well. But I'm sitting here watching my sterbai corydoras lay up a storm of eggs and I'm just thinking I will never be able to get them all out before the peppered or the parents eat the eggs in time. This tank is under another tank and has very little arm clearance. I decided to try this snail catcher out and it turns out it works great for collecting corydoras eggs! The gap between the white-blade isn't small enough to pop the eggs and the eggs stick to blades or fall in the little collection cup! I breed a variety of corydoras (sterbai/adolfoi etc.) and this is going to be my goto method for removing eggs off the glass! You do have to go over them a little bit slower than if you were whipping in a snail but it does work amazingly well. I don't think I damaged a single egg.

Snail catcher

Love it - works great! Thank you fo this product

It Works

This tool is very effective at collecting snails while they are on the glass. I had an out of control MTS issue; there were hundreds. For two weeks I collected the snails with the tool as they made their routine pilgrimage up the glass. Now there is just an occasional one here or there, enough for the assassin snails to handle.

Simple and effective to a degree.

It works but at certain angles and along the substrate and seals it’s not the best. But my puffer doesn’t mind the quick dump when I empty it out of snails I found in my other tanks.

Works Great.

Works well and super convenient. See a few pest snails on the glass when you're walking by? Takes a few seconds to capture them.

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