Dragon Stone Nano Pieces in Bulk

Known by the name "Ohko" in Japan this is one of the most popular rocks for aquascaping being particularly known for Iwagumi styles

You'll get 5lb Bulk Ohko Dragon stone small pieces in a sealed  bag. These are great for inishing off an aquascape or creating an entirely new one for a nano tank. 

  • These rocks come in a wide variety of colors ranging from steel blue-green to a sun bleached copper tone with hints of red. Beautiful against the backdrop of a planted aquarium. These rocks are a type of clay based rock growing in a lattice type pattern giving each rock a unique and scaly appearance. These stones are lighter than most other aquarium stones and are easy to break apart with a hammer to achieve smaller pieces, Ohko Dragon Stone is usually inert and will not change your pH.  
  • No need to scrub off dirt and mud! All our Dragon Stone comes pre-washed for your convenience to get you to your ideal aquascape faster. Rocks may be dusty from breakage during in shipping, for best results give the stones a quick rinse under water before addition to your home aquarium. 

* Due to the natural nature of this product we cannot guarantee it will look exactly as pictured *


Customer Reviews

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Nano pieces

These small pieces are excellent for aquascaping. In fact, I like them so much I will be buying more. They add small detail to larger aquascapes, They’ve are perfect for nano tanks too.

Awesome stones. Great Variety.

There are probably 45 to 75 stones of various shapes and sizes. Great for front and middle aquascaping of any aquarium. Obviously will need a couple very large rocks for the back of the tank. Enough to do a 20 gallon tank especially a 20 gallon long.

Worked Amazing

There was ton of them in the bag. Was able to do nano scapes easy. They looked great in my 5 gallon Nano Fluval Chi set up. Really paired up nice with spider wood pieces.


Wow!! I did not expect that I will get those many stones. Prompt processing of the order and also the delivery.
I love the quality of the stones that I receive.

Fantastic Dragon Stone

I ordered both a bulk package of smaller pieces and a package of 4 specific pieces. I was very happy with both! The bulk bag was enough to decorate my 30 gallon (places around the larger pieces) and a 10 gallon as well. I didn't count, but there were at least 40 pieces in the bag. I will try to attach a picture here. There was a great variety of shapes and colors. For the larger pieces, also seen in the picture, they were just gorgeous and look great in the aquarium. They were wrapped very securely to avoid breakage. I would definitely recommend!!!

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