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Easy Carbon helps fight off algae. 

Dose 1 pump per 10 gallons every other day for low to medium light tanks. Dose Daily for high light tanks. 

Treats 5000 gallons.

*Store fertilizers upright and away from children. Pump heads are not leak proof.

*Some plants are known to be sensitive to glut, such as Vallisneria and Anachris. 

Customer Reviews

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Works as Advertised

Had bad case of algae going, did water change, scrubbed stuff and got this to help, now under lot more control and not overwhelming my tank.

Amazing product, don't know what exactly that Mark fella was talking about...

After using Easy Green compared to Seachem's Flourish line, the plants in my 20 gallon long Ram/tetra/snail tank have really taken off. I noticed results within 3-4 days of dosing Easy Green. After a month of EG, I had enough water wisteria and riccia fluitans to bag in to two freezer bags and sell off to my LFS. Only got $12 bucks in-store credit, but that sure beats throwing away my clippings. I just got Easy Carbon in the mail today and I am anticipating it being better than Excel, at the level Easy Green was to Flourish fert. I also picked up a bottle of Ich-x from Cory, not for Ich, but for a stubborn case of Saprolegniasis (fuzzy white spots on Neon Tetras commonly confused with Neon Tetra Disease in a panic, which causes unnecessary killing of neons who could be cured with a product like this). From what I've read and my experience with products Cory has made or endorsed, I've had great luck. Two fins up!

Mitch from NH

Only thing that works for BBA

I struggled with black beard algae for months and finally got rid of it with Easy Carbon. I had to move my anacharis because they dropped leaves with EC but no more BBA!!

No Positive Effects

I used this product as directed for 1 month. No positive effects: No algae control, No reduction in algae, and No increased plant growth.

Easy Carbon

Works great. Been using for about 3 weeks. No new algae. May increase dosing times because of lites in tank ( on about 9 hrs bright and 9 hours between deep red and off. In conjunction w/ Easy Green and Easy Iron, plants look great and seem to be thriving. Need to order more soon