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  • Liquid Algae Inhibitor
  • Easy Dosing, 1 Pump Per 10 Gallons
  • Snail, Fish, and Shrimp Safe

Easy Carbon is designed to be an algae inhibitor as it contains chemical compounds which are known to reduce algae growth within the planted aquarium. In turn, plants often grow at a faster and more healthy rate since there is less competition for nutrients and carbon dioxide against algae. 

Dosing is easy with Easy Carbon. Each pump contains 1 milliliter of Easy Carbon. Snail, Fish, and Shrimp Safe.

Customer Reviews

Based on 383 reviews
heather l. (Marion, VA, US)
works better than expected on everything but hair algae

cleared up so much algae i had to feed the snails. still having some issues with hair algae but much better than it was

Larry Y. (Silverton, OR, US)
Its working

Slowly but surely the black bears algae is goingaway

Bamboo D. (Gainesville, FL, US)
What can I say? It WORKS!!

I gravitated toward Aquarium Co-Op's line of fertilizers for 2 reasons: price ... and ease of use. I don't need to recalculate how many liters my tank is, or try to interpret what a manufacturer considers 'instructions'. Face it, some brands out there really must count on you using their product improperly!
No, Aquarium Co-Op has basically the same product others supply, BUT ... SIMPLE instructions/application: One Squirt per 10 gallons. Simple. AND ... they are cheaper than the big names that try their best to confuse what you get and how much of it.

I use the Easy Carbon product twice a week normally; IF I see an increase in algae (mostly because I keep playing with the light settings on my tanks, trying to get the 'optimal' setting), then I go into every-other-day mode. And it does the trick. I've tried some other brands -- when they were Given me to try -- but they just didn't work as well ... if at all. THIS. WORKS. 'Nuff said.

Brian T. (Coeur d'Alene, ID, US)

Great product, best price

Ganesha M. (Redmond, WA, US)
Works really well when you spot treat algae

I have been spot treating black beard, stag horn and some green fuzz algae and it really works well. Just 2 cycles of spot treatment and the algae just dies in couple of days. When they die they turn pink/white and disappear in a week.